Christian, Talk, Ministry Minded Radio Stations: Free Energy Offer from :60 VIDEO/RADIO SPOT

(LIGHTNING SFX) STATION MANAGERS…, ENGINEERS, That’s the Sound of Power, an “Act of GOD”.

Here’s a Powerful IDEA! A Gift From HIM!

The Possibility of FREE Energy Supply costs On Grid, and with ingenuity and work, OFF Grid, with Generators of Scale.

What we are offering is a non-disruptive option using Energy De-Regulation as the state by state mechanism which, combined with your stations footprint and similar offer to your Current & Future Clients & LISTENERS, a NEW Revenue Stream to Build everywhere your station reaches! Imagine GIVING and getting PAID for it!

Imagine Sharing Free Natural Gas & Electricity Supply with NEW Clients, bringing them on as advertisers and after their spots have run, they continue to pay your station because their Power Bill pays YOU, month after month!

Imagine Employees, Audiences(s) listening to Your Station(s) Signals, APPS, Streams, because of Energy Deregulation. NOW, making Your Energy Bills ZERO On Grid, or OFF GRID if you want to build or buy what it takes to have fuel less generators!

Sounds Fake, Right?, ITS NOT. Introducing the Free Energy Show. A Program with a Divine Vision, Empowering a Mass Movement to Build Station(s), Network(s), Ministries, Non-Profits, Your Fill in the Blank…, Advertisers, Audience(s). Now!

Has Your Natural GAS or Electric Provider Given You FREE Energy Supply, or Discounts For your Loyal Payments, Every Month?  For Years? TO STAY ON THE AIR? NO… Of Course Not.


No One Else Does,  

So Please LISTEN UP….

We’re offering YOU Personally, your Station$, Network$ & Audience$, Ministries, BOTH…. Earning Free Energy Without New Wires or Gas Lines!  Imagine THAT!

Capturing Revenue once used for Energy, Free to use in Creative ways; New Promos, New Incentives to Add NEW Advertisers, NEW Listeners!

All because YOU Offer Them a SERVICE They Need, and PAY For Every DAY, every Month! For LIFE…. Changing Nothing, Except YOUR Profit$!

Use our Free Energy Show, its Program, Spots, Links, APP to ADD New Revenue, New Customers & a monthly revenue stream you don’t have now.

Use our Show & Spots to ADD NEW Clients & Audience(s) Revenue Streams!

Sure, we bet you’ve Got Questions? This IS Huge…. CALL 800.313.70,30, or email us for details. Or, watch 3 videos at for a overview.

Since 2006, our SOLID Company has offered FREE Natural Gas, Electricity, Saving$, to Residential & Commercial Energy Users with NO NEW Equipment, Risks, Contracts, Billing Changes, or Problems….  

With Years of JD Powers Awards For GREAT Service, we’re a Trusted, Better Business Bureau A+ Rated 3 Country Company!

Our Value, Combined with our Parent Company is over 13B. We’re the Largest Generator & Seller of Energy in America.

Energy Deregulation Brought Competition to Lower Energy Cost$. We make a ZERO supply cost for Natural Gas & Electric a reality, In areas of 16 States, including Washington, DC, The Country of JAPAN, and the Province of ALBERTA, CANADA… Come Grow With US…. Your Current & Future Clients, Audiences & New Connections = New REVENUE STREAM$ FOR YOU! Want that?, Yes or No….

IMAGINE 1000’s, Millions, You’ve Helped Earn FREE Natural Gas & Electricity, for IMMEDIATE & MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME$, SECURING YOUR FUTURE, Their FUTURE. From Anywhere, Part Time!, Full Time, Anytime! All due to a Show, an APP & Spots On Your Station(s), Networks, Apps! Pretty Simple, Awesome, really.

FMI, Visit
FMI, Visit
ESTC Director Aaron Murakami

Listen to our 2019 ESTC-interview with Aaron Murakami. He’s @ Youtube Links to Aaron are here .. The EnergyScience & Technology Conference for 2020 is coming up! See for more details.

2019 Group Picture! An Awesome time to meet so many GREAT Thinkers!

Be sure to read for FREE, my new Book, “Revelations, Conversations with GOD…, He’s Listening to YOU! And President Trump???!”. I hope it encourages you to begin or increase your conversations with God. He’s VERY willing and Able to help you find your way in a crazy world of confusion. You life will be so much better. Try Him! Ask Him!

I Pray God gives you New Ideas, to Bless Lives Every Second You’re “ON THE AIR” Sharing Christ, before HE returns! Amen!


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