Living Energy

People who’ve experienced the Living Energy of Fellowship with Jesus Christ find it impossible to replace that which HE offers with what the World has to offer….

Folks “in the world” find that this Living Energy approach to a real relationship with Christ is a futile attempt to miss out of the gains & glories the fleshly ego thrives on, but is never completely satisfied with… Hence the driven souls who strive for Wars, Arguments, Status and Prestige…. with a false promise of strength when it is really just empty vanity. Only until you reach the “Pride of Live” and the Humility of older age, do the honest person know what truly satisfies & Never runs out of Living Energy to go about Living in the world, but being caught up in it…

Praise, Gratification, Pleasures, these ALL fall way short of Christ who is ageless and never runs out of grace for your Time of Need…. Your Spiritual Batteries can be dead, drained and yet, in a nano second when touching the garment of Christ, in faith, can be healed, made whole & never thirsting again.

God’s word as a Ruler & Level can turn upright any back slider or sinking life with renewed Hope & Vision for a Abundant Future… All it takes is a Solemn & Honest Prayer & Confession and you’re “in the eternal life” walking in the Holy Spirit.