Newman Devices

Joseph Newman Energy Machine replications…

On my honeymoon, in 2001, I met Joe Newman in Arizona & saw a motor he designed… it was a football sized motor turning a 5 foot Granger Fan Blade that took 1/2 horsepower & a certain # of watts to rotate at a certain RPM… ( the specific #’s I can’t remember right now…., yet it worked!). The output in Watts was greater than the INPUT!
This motor was effortlessly turning the big fan blade, doing mechanical work, moving air and was running on a Portable Makita Drill Sized 18 volt Battery and the battery was being CHARGED while producing this mechanical power! AMAZING…!

Here’s Joe Newman in another Video explaining in greater detail the theory & validity of his claims…

See “Perpetual Motion” clearly accomplished on Dry Cell 9 Volt Batteries OVER SEVEN YEARS OLD….

More historical videos on Joe Newman’s BATTLES to get a Patent… that were denied…

(2013) The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, endorsed by NASA scientists and gov. officials

BIG Eureka: The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman.

Joseph Newman’s Perpetual Motion Proved: