Gerard Morin: Releasing Energy from Resonance

Video Presentation by Gerard Morin who we Interviewed…

We had a Wide Spread discussion with Gerard Morin discussing the works of Tesla, Maxwell, Faraday and other Greats from years gone by…. Gerard was a wealth of Free Thinking Knowledge & really stretches the Mind when he speaks of the resonance of all things made up of atoms that vibrate with their specific resonance. We covered Energy Weapon technology which Tesla understood which may have been used to alter steel during the 911 Towers 1 & 2 collapse, as Judy Wood suggests in her book “Where did the Towers Go…?”. Gerard agreed, that the resonace was potentially disturbed and the steel lost its original characteristics. Much has been said that this was a manifestation of the “Hutchinson effect….”

A unusually dense interview with a 2nd part coming soon. We couldn’t cover it all & Gerard was a great source of New Ideas to capture power from Sine Waves. Here is our Unedited Radio Show Interview in MP3 format: