is your way to Free Energy!

The Free Energy Show is your way To get Free Energy On Grid & Off Grid.

Most people think its impossible to get Free Energy without twisting a wire or turning a wrench? It IS Possible!

Its available in 16 US States; Washington D.C., The Province of Alberta Canada, and the ENTIRE Country of Japan! That’s our “On Grid Option”. Listen to our special guest interviews for info on devices for off grid generation and energy storage methods.

How do you get Free Electricity and Natural Gas?. Listen to our Radio AD below or visit video presentation.

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Electromagnetic Generator 10 kW Free Energy Device

While the jury is still out as to this device being for real or, not… Infinity Sav built this device… We have yet to see it with our own eyes…

You be the judge & do your due diligence. IF this IS for real… we have a monumental breakthrough here.

Infinity SAV© Skype InfinitySAVTeam (English) Infinity.SAV (Русский – Russian only) The ammeter on the device displays incorrect information, since it was not set up correctly. Output voltage 220V, current 20A, power with load 4.5kW. Load on lamps 1.1 kW, fan 400 W, heater 2.5 kW

Infinity SAV is a well organized team of young and ambitious people. The company employs highly qualified talented specialists in the field of electric engineering with a rich experience of more than 10 years.

Our portfolio includes more than 20 innovative devices and 10 patents. All of our devices undergo quality control and independent third party testing. For more than 3 years our team has been developing a fossil fuel free generator which is able to generate energy.

We have conducted a scientific research and have achieved a few fully functioning models. At present the company Infinity SAV is preparing to launch a mass production of a fuel free generator for consumers. Now our company is actively looking for distributors from all countries.

One of the basic principles of work of the company Infinity SAV is complete and definite fulfillment of undertaken obligations. We are located in Seoul, South Korea

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Everyone unconsciously uses Energy & many folks would like to be OFF the Grid, independent from the Big Utility Companies…Other folks would just like having their Utility bills lowered or even eliminated if they only knew how to get it done… And get it done legally…

That’s the purpose of my Free Energy Radio Show & these ads…

I’ll show you HOW to get FREE Electricity & Natural Gas without turning a Wrench or Twisting a wire… AND how to make extra money sharing this information with others…. Like I’m doing with you, right now….

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