Aaron Murakami & the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference, Radio Show preview.

Listen to our Free Energy Show Radio preview with Aaron Murakami, previewing the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference on July 11-14 in Hayden, ID. , where Scientists, Engineers & enthusiasts, will see “Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Technologies”,THE SECRET POWER SOURCE FOR OVER UNITY SWITCHED RELUCTANCE GENERATORS” and more discussed, displayed & demonstrated. The 2018 Energy Science & Technology Conference Magazine is available to view & download here.

Last year’s Conference was coined a “Develop, Disrupt &, Download” event in the Free Energy Movement. Aaron & JP Sweet discuss a wide variety of topics from Tesla Chargers that restore 10 year old batteries to like NEW performance, with Battery Secrets and Battery Rejuvenation Secrets, while saving the environment from toxic waste disposal & recycling processes to New, Free Energy Generators being manufactured or looking for manufacturers to build them.

We cover amazing Solar Panel efficiency facts, leading to a FREE Book available at FreeSolarSecrets.com. DON’T go Solar until you’ve read this book! Many Myths are debunked…. We offer many books & video compilations from Aaron, whom we’ve dubbed the “Amazon” of the Free Energy Information Movement below. Also, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel here.

Our Interview led to Aaron Murakami’s Plasma Ignition Secrets & System shown in Pictures & Videos Below & Wasted Ignition Secrets Links . From there, we covered Water used in Fuel mixtures to reduce engine temperatures & increase efficiency and Water as Fuel as the late Stan Meyer had proved, by driving across the entire USA, on 20 gallons of water! In a air cooled 4 cylinder Volkswagen engine powered Dune Buggy!

Shown, in several video demonstrations below:

With Murakami Plasma Ignition, there are magnitudes of higher Power levels over a conventional MSD Ignition as shown with Massive Difference in Spark Intensity, yet SAME Joules of Energy from the Capacitor = Better Combustion, Cleaner Emissions & Higher Horsepower from LEAN Air/Fuel Mixtures!

Information on Building a Plasma Impulse Motor is located here.

Comparison demonstrations of 4 ignition methods – keep in mind, the last 2 are using the SAME joules of potential from a capacitor, but Aaron’s method is orders of magnitude brighter/stronger than the CDI one – 5 other demonstrations including massive explosions of water toward the end:

Dual Plasma Ignition system for a Bourke Engine:

Plasma Ignition on a 1977 Datsun 620 Pickup:

Plasma Ignition on gas generator set – not a demo, just showing how I installed it on this kind of motor/generator – 1st 7 minutes of video:

Plasma ignition demo on 1998 Subaru Legacy GT wagon – hard to see in the light

July 11, 12, 13, & 14 of 2019 (THURSDAY TO SUNDAY)

Regarding our attempted recorded Interview with Eric Dollard, on 5/23/19 to preview his Tesla Transmitter demonstration planned for this year’s conference. Due to Communications “gremlins” we were unable to maintain stable conversation(s) on the phone. It seems the AI “Beasts” may have been listening in….. There were several “interruptions…”. When we talked about the Power Grid being unstable & ways to get off it, our connection was cut off….

After reconnecting, we proceeded to talk about using this Tesla technology for geological exploration and excavation below ground because of the High Power, Lightning Voltage Levels involved rather than using methods that alter the world, like HAARP’s methods above ground, and our “interview” got cut off again….

The frustration was too much for Eric and we decided to scuttle the discussion of peaceful information, trying to share it under fragile, “monitored” conditions that we have to endure using today’s pirated “silly phones” as Eric calls them Since Bell Labs Is no longer & reliability isn’t “built in” to the network . Such is our digital conspiracy.

Eric is today’s “Tesla” and will be performing a 4 hour demonstration of a mini Tesla Transmitter which in theory could defy the inverse square law for loss over distance! We’ll discuss that with Eric. Benefits to mankind and the ability to do good, without wires…. That is the objective here. No mean spirits welcomed…

03-17-2019 Eric Dollard Live Call Recording

Eric Dollard - Lakhovsky MWO prototype
Eric Dollard – Lakhovsky MWO prototype

In this live call, Eric Dollard covers a lot of ground. He gives a brief overview of Ernst’s Tesla book, which you can read about here: Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter: Recreating Tesla’s Dream

He also covers quite a bit about his recent paper Revival of the Electrical Sciences in the Digital Age.

Questions from callers include some very technical mathematical discussion, some simple concepts of Impulse Waveforms, some of the latest writing projects Eric is working on and an update on the Tesla Colorado Springs scale model replication by Bruce Gavin with some pics in the slideshow. Also, Eric Dollard’s Versor Algebra books I & II are coming to Amazon as paperbacks soon.

Listen to the entire call here and please considering donating to EPD Laboratories, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation – all donations are tax deductible. Please share this page with your friends with the links below the video.

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Here are the latest pictures for Eric Dollard’s Colorado Springs scale model built by Bruce Gavin. This will be for a demonstration at the 2019 Energy Science & Technology Conference when Eric presents:

There are only a few seats left, the conference site will be updated soon to reflect the new numbers. Register and get your tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Energy Conference

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Living Energy

People who’ve experienced the Living Energy of Fellowship with Jesus Christ find it impossible to replace that which HE offers with what the World has to offer….

Folks “in the world” find that this Living Energy approach to a real relationship with Christ is a futile attempt to miss out of the gains & glories the fleshly ego thrives on, but is never completely satisfied with… Hence the driven souls who strive for Wars, Arguments, Status and Prestige…. with a false promise of strength when it is really just empty vanity. Only until you reach the “Pride of Live” and the Humility of older age, do the honest person know what truly satisfies & Never runs out of Living Energy to go about Living in the world, but being caught up in it…

Praise, Gratification, Pleasures, these ALL fall way short of Christ who is ageless and never runs out of grace for your Time of Need…. Your Spiritual Batteries can be dead, drained and yet, in a nano second when touching the garment of Christ, in faith, can be healed, made whole & never thirsting again.

God’s word as a Ruler & Level can turn upright any back slider or sinking life with renewed Hope & Vision for a Abundant Future… All it takes is a Solemn & Honest Prayer & Confession and you’re “in the eternal life” walking in the Holy Spirit.

About JP Sweet

As a SweetChariots.com Classic Car Radio Show host, and Radio Broadcast Engineer,  there are countless “hands on” experiences I could share with you, from every nut & bolt, frame off vehicle restorations to AM-FM Radio Studios maintenance & design to Transmitter & Directional Antenna Proof of Performance & Engineering Services since the late 1970’s to present…. My life from early on has been a whirlwind of diverse exciting events which led me to Christ & transformed my heart completely to only concerned with sharing the”Good News” otherwise known as “The Gospel” and pursuit of Truth and trying to help  those I meet along the way, leading to the door of Eternity….

Case in Point….

1st is the Living Hope we have in Christ…. If… HE didn’t die for us, in place of us… for the wreckless things we do along the way to returning to humility after the pursuit of vain pride, we’d be in “Deep Kimshee” as my wife likes to say… Well I’m a Magnet for “Kimshee” (manure…) and life has a way of reminding me of what WE smell like to the nose of God….

Christ’s sacrifice to cover our sorry butts for eternity is HUGE… I need it EVERY Day!

But its a Gift, one you can’t “earn” so you can boast about anything you’ve done…

You have to be under the faucet of Grace to receive it & let it shower you with overwhelming peace & joy only the Holy Spirit can give.

2nd is the Resurrection of Christ… IF He didn’t Rise Again after 3 days in the closed tomb, we’d have No Hope for Eternity… We all end up somewhere…, for EVER…

And EVER….

SO I suggest you get your accounts settled with God and ask Christ to come into your Life & Give you Life and Life more abundantly…. Life that NEVER Ends…..

Life is Pointless if all you do is gather things, all to leave them for someone else anyway without helping folks along life’s “journey”… That’s the most important thing I think to embrace & surrender to.

Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth.. and the Truth shall set you free…” I enjoy being Free now.

In Christ… I enjoy looking for ways to help people…. Help them get their Lives Back & get Free Energy too.. The amount of Energy we spend our whole lives chasing after vanity is so empty…. It’s a incredible testimony to have God redeem your life…, In Christ.

To receive blessings & give BACK…, to become Financially Free because you were shown HOW to receive it the right way….. On your knees, in Prayer, before the Lord of Lords & King of Kings…, King Jesus. That’s what I want to share with you every day I have breath left…. Its all God’s air anyway… I ought to be grateful for breath! There have been at least 3-4 times I should have been killed from crazy living….

My brother died at 15 months of age, and I was 7… I knew very early on in life, that God was “In control” & Life was wonderful…., but very fragile too…. Yet in all that frailty was His Truth…. As a Guide, a Judge and a Comforter….

When you want to see reality…. Look in the Mirror….  Once you do that, visit a graveyard, what really matters becomes clearly apparent. James Dobson having so many near brushes with death, he says exactly the same thing… People matter, families matter, and focusing on that is all that matters…

I learned over the years to really Listen for God speaking to me & making himself real…. He reveals that daily in prayers I ask for & actions I see Him do, even the lack of actions…. Sometimes NO, or “not now” are your answers.. Sometimes its just as you think a prayer, an answer comes right next to it.

I still aspire to write a personal testimonial book called, “Revelations: Conversations with God”, but for now…, too much of life needs to be given back in service to the world with this website, Business pursuits and my immediate relationships need my full attention. I’ll continue to search for God’s direction and He will shown me what is needed 1st and by Faith, I’ll walk in whatever steps He would have me to walk….

As J. Vernon McGee used to say on The The Bible Radio, ttb.org

The sign above the picture on the top of this website header says “God is Just…. He is Holy, He is Righteous” Jeremiah 23:5. Because of that Truth, I will trust Him with ALL that I do and All that I have, because its all His anyways… I’m just a steward of resources and a hand that is open to receive as well as pass on to others that are open to receive it as well. The Harvest is HUGE, and the Workers are few… Its time we get to work while the window of opportunity is before us to rescue souls from the darkness & lies all around us. I want to be one of God’s anointed, and a humble vessel of value in Service to Him.

Below that sign is a McNulty “Moses Tabernacle in the Wilderness” painting showing the 12 Tribes of Irsael led by God in the Clouds by day & fire above the Tabernacle by night…. perpetually showing God’s presence.  It is a visual reminder of God’s work in my life and is a stable backdrop for my humble home studio. The McNulty “Moses Tabernacle in the Wilderness  picture is available for sale online here.

This picture says so much to me… We’re all campers… We own nothing…. everything is God’s anyway, so why hoard, covet, or stress over anything you need… Be open, be generous….  Like He is, and guide others to do the same…

God doesn’t stop guiding us…. Though we wander…, he always shows 24/7 His unfailing Love…. providing his ONLY Son as a complete sacrifice restoring our right relationship with a God…. He is a Just & Holy God. Seek Him & find that he is your God too.

These eternal truths continue today…. They did in Old testament times & chosen Jews reverently carried out daily sacrifices to cover for sins, but they never completely removed them…. Until Christ came… He removes it all and no further works need be done by man. During the Moses years they wandered… I can totally relate…. I’ve wandered for years, but now, finally have a soft clay heart again…. And I’m ready to be led home to Heaven when its my time….

I’ve been shown its most important to help folks…. Help them find their way….  Treat others with Love & Respect & lead them to Christ as HE has answered ALL my questions and No Question is a stupid question for Him…. No matter what circumstance you are in, God knows…. He cares…. trust him.

Its easier than rebellion and pain… receive with an open hand & be blessed…., then open your hands & give that same gift to others… Holding on to nothing & enjoying each day for its little rewards and marvel at God’s handwork as a magnificent artist bringing people into your day with needs and He gives the discernment to know and fill those needs…. He gives the love thru you IF you are one of His children. Be a conduit for Free Energy….

I remember hearing a broadcast that said something like, “each week… it would do you good to go to a grave yard or watch a funeral in progress and remember that you will be there…, sooner than you could ever imagine, so pay attention to what really matters…. ”

I learned that early on before hearing that message because my 15 month old brother Billy was gone in 1 day. Early in the morning he was happily dancing to a Mickey Mouse song playing on a 45 record and that same night… BOOM… he was gone…. Shock waves rattled our family to its very core…., yet my mother was an orphan & she knew God….  She humbly modeled her faith in a private & personal way & relied on God’s care for her…. She was steady… My dad was emotional & easily upset.

But it was mom’s faithful “waiting out the temporary insanity” of my dad who did his best with what he had and was a solid provider & faithful husband & father. Dad was a wreck when Billy passed and the years between that and my teens, my dad & I were at odds…. My mom kept it inside…. It didn’t make sense & my dad had a hard time forgiving God… I just watched the process & said, it will make sense when I’m ready to understand… Don’t fight it…. just accept it….

I was almost miscarried during a Lowenbrau Beer Factory Tour my parent were at in Germany…. Dad was in the army, serving as a Sports Journalist for the Stars & Stripes Newspaper. Back in ’92 dad & I got to return to Germany for the 50th Stars & Stripes Anniversary… What a beautiful country…. The Autobahn was a blast in a rental Mercedes with the throttle to the floor mat and yet we were being passed by others with more  power…. I loved it…

As a journalist, dad was driven to get to the root of a story & report the facts just as he found them. Telling the truth was the most important part of any story & it was best to condense the “Who, What, When, Where & How” it happened report. One of his favorite comebacks after asking a question of you, he’d say, “Are you sure…?”  I’d get so upset because I would do my level best at condensing and strictly telling the facts & it seemed like I wasn’t credible in the answers… So I would shut down & not get involved in any extra chatter. Be brief & be done… otherwise an argument was next. Not the greatest “father & son” relationship, but these tense times were healed later working in radio together.

In my rebellious teens, I enjoyed Boy Scouts & the strong nurturing of smart Scoutmasters, many of whom were Engineers and Masters of their surroundings. They taught me to always be aware & vigilant of personal & group safety and looking for deeper understanding of God’s amazing engineering in Nature. He had provisions for us at every corner…, if we were awake,  paying attention to what was around us at all times…. If we didn’t see it at first, usually a 2nd pair of eyes would uncover answers… we’d share what we learned and grow as young men. Creation is AWESOME….. Sharing was too.

My hobbies were camping, hiking,  Nascar Racing, Radio Broadcasting,  Dirt Bikes & Snowmobiling… Anything with Power or an Engine was of interest. Hi-Voltage stuff was a “hands OFF” desire, while Hi-RF was a “hands ON” desire. Voltage shocks & kills…. RF just burns the skin…. I liked that safer environment of electromagnetic energy, wave propagation and knew the way to get heard was “Power Up, tune up & transmit…. It was a ego – power thing…. safe power….RF Burns you… Current and Voltage can Kill you….

As long as Electricity was flowing…. you were “On the Air…” Generators were your best friend…. Ways to get more energy out for less input was always something I wanted to discover….

God throws together a galaxy & we’re on this spinning Blue Cue Ball, floating in a organized Magnetic  Race track with predictable cycles  and there is no assembly required to run it….  I say, pay attention to the designer of all that is & He’ll show you even greater things, ONLY if you’re humble enough to receive it…, and share it!

I marveled how radio worked and truly respected broadcasters because they had a huge burden to tell the News and the truth…. I also knew that radio had a incredible transparency.. It rips thru all the clutter of Video & Wiz Bang editing….

Audio brings the raw essence of truth into your mind to wrestle with and absorb…, IF you are “tuned in…” to the right frequency of Free Energy life….

The Holy Spirit is broadcasting all the time…. Can you hear Him? If not, ask Him to make himself real to you… He’ll get you on the right “frequency” to learn more about Love…

Reading has many benefits too, like radio, over video…. It settles the body from vain activity & stretches one’s mind by engaging your imagination, instead forcing you to see things as the editor does for you….

A great Movie or Documentary I’m ok with… But just being a couch potato… Forget it… I don’t having the stomach to just sit & watch stuff… I feel so trapped… Yet with the spoken word, each sound, thought & message can be a very personal experience known only to you, because God speaks to us exactly where we are… and leading us to where we should be, if we’re truly willing to be led, versus expanding a deceptive imagination…, pursuing some vane form of entertainment, an exercise based in pride….

I love radio because I can multitask & get stuff done…. and GROW! Plus, its portable, sharable. Thanks to Mobile Platforms today, we have endless tools to share messages in a pure truth vehicle, to share with the World….

When Cellular Communications launched in the 80’s, I jumped on board as people needed phones in their cars & I knew cars inside & out… I was a in the field Consultant & On Site Installer for Cellular One & Nynex Mobile. Those were my “hay days” for making Income and because of that affluence I could pursue my hidden desire for vehicle restorations because the checkbook was full…. I loved to restore stuff and God was providing, yet not all was rosy…

My mother had developed ovarian cancer at age 49… At 54, she had congestive heart failure as a result of Adriamycin Chemotherapy.

They tell you nothing about side effects…

Listen/view Dead Doctors don’t lie…. and Cardiac Myopathy….

It was a shock that broke my heart and made me ask God WHY… and yet I knew, HE knew it was a lesson to drive me into DEEPER reliance upon Him for direction and meaning in life… At the time her life was being drained away, I had to keep busy to avoid feeling the pain of her slowly losing her life…

I found & restored a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible… She got to see it before & after and enjoy the transformation process. The car was originally yellow, with Black top and saddle brown bench seat interior and AM Radio & no other options…. I added A/C, Tilt Wheel, Tinted Glass, Ralley Guages, AM-FM Stereo, Power Windows, Power Truck Release, Bucket Seats & His & Her Shifter… The end result was something very close to this picture below…, Only difference was the top color. When that car was done I sold it and bought a 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible that needed a suspension & drive train restoration and found a rare 1971 442 4-speed Convertible to restore.


These life experiences, combined with seen Mechanical & unseen Magnetic Physics were catalysts for deeper respect for God,  and His Universe which kept unbreakable Laws. God was always in control & had built retainers into everything, meant for Eternal Life, but we messed it up…. Medicine had messed up, everything,,, I thought, was a lie to one degree or another from a worldly sense, yet the only thing that DID make sense was Christ and the hope for Eternal Life in Him. Without the Resurrection, there is No Hope….

My father marveled at these vehicle restorations I was wrapped up in while his wife was slowly taken and he & I were the only two left to carry on as a family with deaths along the way which were premature… My dad wanted to press on but with a deeper relationship with his only son. So he prayed to God that he would be given a name for a business so we could  work together around buying, restoring & selling Classic Cars… As soon as my dad’s prayer was uttered…, Boom… “Sweet Chariots” came to mind… He was blow away by that instant answer & then prayed… “Wow Lord…, now all I need is a slogan” and Boom…, “Special Spokes For Fussy Folks” came to mind…. That was the birth of SweetChariots.com.

In the midst of all this I was listening to Christian radio & found a local Station that needed my sales & engineering skills which led to meeting my lovely wife Elisabeth & gaining ownership of a very cool “BoomBox Broadcast Studio” which is going to a new owner for ministry and outreach helping people develop skills to have their own businesses & careers of choice.

That led to my father & I to producing a SweetChariots.com Classic Car Radio Show….  I had a deep desire to be involved in Christian Radio, and I loved the Old Car Hobby…. we combined both themes in our show with Louis Armstrong  “Swing Low Sweet Chariots” bumper music throughout the show segments….

We tried to be Christs Servants out in the world & giving the show away to reach people….  we didn’t make very much money, but we sure did influence folks to restore things and preserve family values & find fellowship with Christ.

Our show was on at 12 noon, just as church was getting out & folks were on the road… Our program was Christian based and was a Family Show on at a perfect time of day to be On Air, always at Full Day Power, 50,000 watts, and online.

A “classic” archived SweetChariots Radio Broadcast from the SEMA Show in Las Vegas with our Special Guest Jay Leno can be heard here:

Our Sweet Chariots Radio Show brought us to Jay Leno’s Garage & the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance in California, while our core club was the AACA ( Antique Auto Club of America) Chapter Events throughout the USA & Featuring LIVE Remote Broadcasts at Prestigious Shows as they happened. Our greatest blessing was choosing 3 special vehicles at each show & giving people who did the restorations, Gold Plaque Metalphoto awards…

My Wife would usually choose a truck from the field as she loves old trucks and my dad would choose his favorite & I did the same. The incredible thing was how we had to do this EVERY Sunday, LIVE…. & do it literally “on the fly”….

I would set up all the technical equipment when we arrived & then confirm we were good to go “On Air” & then chase my favorite vehicle guest interview & have this all done for a NOON show! Try and orchestrate this by 11:45 am and be ready to have guests on LIVE…! No rehearsal baby…! The serendipity style was a genuine hit, but it was think on the fly & watch the clock…. Network breaks, News, Commercials, unknown guests who were going to say who knows what….. All of it personally built and delivered, week after week….

It was hugely stressful, few people ever really know what its like to do that until you do it….  incredibly fun but incredibly demanding of split second wit & where with all to keep it together….   We wanted the show to be a value to Classic Car Clubs everywhere & wanted the show to be about THEM… and the avid enthusiasts & collectors who worked tirelessly to produce rolling works of art…

It was that special blend that made each show its own treasure chest. We never knew what we’d find & we had to be entertaining ,informative & useful to be relevant in a world full of choices to listen to… The Show & Events & Car Corral Segments all mixed together made a 42 minute fly by…. LIVE…

The Live energy & pace made folks NOT want  to tune out… Perfect recipe to build an audience…. And the perfect recipe for a massive Stroke, which my dad had at the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction in Scottsdale in their parking lot.

We were 2 weeks away from being a nationally syndicated show & BOOM… Dad’s life almost ended…. I pressed on with a “solo” show at the Petersen Museum & Jay Leno’s Garage in Los Angeles and held on for another few months….. We took some time off, then revisited the show with heavy pre-recorded segments that were tough to edit because my father’s speech was tough to hold steady…. What remains are memories & archives….

CVB CH-5 Boston took Note of our Father & Son program on Sundays on WBIX 1060AM New England Business & WWZN 1510AM Sports Stations. A Youtube Video Archive from Chronicle is Here:

7 years after the big stroke my dad had 2 other TIA & mini strokes and almost passed out from losing 2 liters of blood due to blood thinners & cancer.  He continued to try to heal himself naturally and almost made 5 more years, but his fight ended at age 84. You were a tough old bird Dad… We Love you still & hope this Free Energy Show is well received in Heaven where you are with Mom, Billy our Family of Friends who passed before you and Jesus Christ, the one & only Saviour for all who have Faith in Him.

Now that my father John has passed on…. I want his legacy to live on, as he was always searching for & loving Truth, no matter where it led… He loved people, he loved to find out what THEY were all about, where they lived, what they enjoyed…  A True Journalist with an unending desire to discover & share truth. He enjoyed watching Daily News from TruNews.com & Infowars.com,  learning about good nutrition at NaturalNews.com and FHU.com to help with healing of the mind and James Dobson for building up the Family in Christ.

I lived with dad for almost 3 years as he slowly lost the battle to survive. & We made sure our thoughts weren’t kept inside & we constantly shared truth with each other every day…. Nothing was off base & we just told it like it was… and shared what he learned with others willing to hear…. I have no regrets…. Jesus was with us during the entire process, and He’s at peace now… Now my wife & I can get back to being a couple again rather than performing unending rescue events popping up every day.

When I’m out in the field, I have a natural desire to be a life long learner, its my nature to share information…. to HELP People…. hopefully making their lives richer & full.  I also own a pair of seasoned ears that enjoy listening to others share their discoveries and wisdom. I hope to capture that thru Interviews that share the truth…. Many have walked different paths to creating Free Energy and  Freedom, and these are what I want to give to you… These are what this show’s goals are all about….

Everyone needs Power for their Lives & Businesses and we ALL need Power for our Souls before the Lord Jesus returns….

It is my prayer that you are Blessed by what you learn thru each Free Energy Show. The mix of Technical, Logical & Functional information I hope to bring in an entertaining way, mixed with a little levity & comedy to smooth over the rough edges of life experiences that led to these discoveries in a way that’ll reach all ages & demographics.

Even to the layman who isn’t at ALL inclined to build any of these devices, but still wants Free Energy….  I can provide that solution for you… even without turning a wrench or twisting a wire…. That “Hands Free”answer is found at my Intro video website, FreePowerPeople.com.

May God Bless you in your Journey for Freedom in Christ, on or off the Grid…

Sincerely, JP Sweet


FreePowerPeople.com “Briefs” on How to Earn FREE Energy…..”

With Green Energy now hugely promoted, Solar, Wind, Hydro & Hydrogen can’t continue to suppress technologies known by Tesla, Maxwell & Faraday… The “ether” is full of Free Energy and all we petty consumers are shown are the left over traps which GE & Westinghouse held the Keys to…

Until Now…

Thankfully, with the internet, we now have tools to explore & build Free Energy Devices for True Off Grid Living…. It’s Finding & Sharing these technologies with you that I aim to deliver to you on a regular basis with Scientists & Tinker DIY Folks who drive forward the Free energy Goalpost to Victory for the average Joe…

Even if you don’t have the patience, skill sets or finances to build any of these Energy Devices, we’re offering a No Wiring, No Building, No Assembly Required Option to STILL Get Free Energy while being on the Grid, sponsored by FreePowerPeople.com & Hi-Tech Reps, Inc.

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